Make it Rain

Ending global water scarcity through advanced modification technology.

Who we are.

Rainmaker is a pro-human company. We believe that fresh water doesn't have to be scarce, and that we can make it abundant with innovative technology.

Solving this problem is more important than ever.

Water scarcity is not just an issue in the developing world; it's an impending calamity in the United States. California's Department of Water Resources anticipates 1.5M acres of farmland to decertify in the next decade.

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How it works.

Snowcapped mountains in the distance

Rainmaker uses large-scale numerical modeling of cloud formations, rapidly deployable drones, and new chemicals in order to seed clouds precisely and maximize precipitation.


Current meteorological software doesn't account for modifying the weather. Ours does, and it enables us to find the best locations to seed.


Planes and ground-based generators are imprecise and expensive. Our drones are cost-effective and respond in minutes.


Existing cloud seeding chemicals are only viable in specific atmospheric conditions. Ours are tailored to be most effective in specific geographies.

How it works.

Rain over an archipelago from the sky

Inducing precipitation via cloud seeding drones and numerical modelling software. Literally making it rain.

Using our product: T.H.O.R.
Triggering Hail and Orographic Rain

Upon deploying T.H.O.R., Rainmaker with have more foresight and data about precipitation than any organization in the country. Potential beneficiaries of this data include commodity traders and insurance companies.

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Process cycle

How cloud seeding can work
Clouds snowing
Dot iconPlane closeup dropping silver iodideAirplane dropping cloud-seeding powder
Software simulates cloud dynamics and identifies seeding opportunities.
Drone is deployed and reaches altitude in minutes.
Nucleation agent is dispersed from drone in the ideal region of the cloud.
Precipitation occurs.
A 3D cross-section model of mountains and a coastline
Dot iconDroneDrone closeup


We use custom-developed drones to service hard-to-reach places .
Our UAVs operate in severe weather and remote environments. They are easily recharged and resupplied on-site with minimal footprint.
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Cloud Seeding Benefits

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Rain for agriculture.
Groundwater aquifers running dry? Rainmaker can provide rain.
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Hail suppression.
Hail damages crops and property. Rainmaker can prevent it.
cube with holes
Supplementing water utilities.
Rainmaker can provide rain and snowpack to governments.
cube with cubic corner cutouts
Supplementing hydroelectric dams.
Dams need water to produce power. Rainmaker can keep them full.
cube with one cubic corner cutout
Wildfire mitigation.
Moister flora and rain can reduce or prevent wildfires.
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Hurricane mitigation.
Cloud seeding can break hurricanes before they reach shore.
icon of stacked squares
Rainmaker can keep trucks, trains or planes from being bogged down by inclement weather.
Rainmaker will turn deserts green.